Nyamirambo Women Centre

Located in the old town, this tour is an introduction to the center’s local activities and a brief Kinyarwanda lesson, guided tours through the district, including market, hair saloon, tailor’s shop and the Muslim quarter. Cooking lessons and homemade lunch can also be included.

AZIZI life

Spending time with rural community that is only one hour of Kigali, to learn more about Rwandans’ rural life is an amazing experience. Local artisan and people teach you how to make handcraft and the way to self sustain. You will also get a chance to join a traditional drumming and dancing troop.

Kigali City Tour

Kigali City Tour combine historical and cultural attractions of the Kigali city and can be booked at our reception desk. Our tours are tailor made to your needs and pace of life. The tour starts from the YAMBI Hostel to all the main sites in Kigali – plus a few hidden places that not even TripAdvisor knows about.

Restaurants & Pubs

African cuisine (Republica, Lalibella)
Asian (Zen, Tangreen, Sakai)
Bakery (RZ Manna, Brioche)
Coffee shops (Java, Bourbon, Inzora)
Fast Food (4 Blooms, Simba, Pizza In)
Grills (Civitas, Chez Lando)
Indian (Khana Khazana, Zaffran)
International (Brachetto, Heaven)
Lunch buffet (Chez John, Camelia)
Pizzeria (Sole Luna, Trattoria)
Pubs (Car Wash, Sundowner)
Sunday brunch (Mille Collines, Marriot)
Vegetarian (RZ Manna, Asian Kitchen)

Genocide Memorial

Kigali genocide memorial is the final resting place for more than 250,000 victims of the Genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda. It honors the memory of more than one million Rwandans killed in 1994 through education and peace-building.

Natural History Museum

Also known as ‘Kandt House‘, the museum strives to show the evolution of life, description of Flora and Fauna of Rwandan Parks, its geological background, German and Rwanda shared history and exhibition of live reptiles (snakes)

Presidential Palace Museum

On April 6, 1994, president Juvenal Habyarimana’s plane was shot down and crashed on the grounds of his residence. The president died in the attack and the incident ignited the Genocide. You will be able to visit his witchcraft chamber & chapel; his weapons closet, his python’s pond and the flight debris of his plane.

Travel Forum

We believe in the power of travel to inspire a genuine understanding of people, places and cultures for a more tolerant world, so YAMBI has developed debates designed to share and discuss the history and life. Let your first journey begin here as you explore all this country has to offer.

Umuganda - Community Work Day

One of the first things most people notice is that Kigali is spotlessly clean. This is partly because of “Umuganda” which can be translated as “coming together in common purpose to achieve an outcome”. Everyone gets together on the last Saturday of each month working on community projects like keeping streets clean, tending to gardens and helping neighbours.

Lake Muhazi

Lake Muhazi is about 45 min drive away from Kigali and is among Rwanda’s scenic treasures. Activities at Muhazi include boating, fishing, and bird watching. Head to AGS country club, the finest get away in Muhazi with cottages and a great Indian restaurant.

Markets & Handicrafts

Markets (Kimironko, Gisozi Carpenters)
Souvenir (Caplaki, Caritas, Gahaya)
Art galleries (Inema, Ivuka, Niyo)
Art Deco Jewelry (Inzuki, Haute Baso)
Book shops (Ikirezi, Caritas)
Women Fashion (Sonia Mugabo, Rw&a Clothing, Uzuri)
Men Fashion (Moshions, Tayo House)
Women Cooperative (Amahoro, Nyamirambo centre)
Rwandan Music (Ikirezi, Wake Up Studio)


Volunteer in Rwanda

Volunteer in the land of a thousand hills in valuable community projects. Despite Rwanda’s darker history, you’ll find the country a welcoming and colourful place, rich and varied in culture. YAMBI will help you find a volunteering opportunity that suits your pace of life and interests.

Nyamata & Ntarama Church Memorials

Church memorials

The royal city, Nyanza


Pottery - Koperative Gatagara

This pottery experience takes you to the heart of traditional pottery making by giving you the chance to try your hands at creating your own piece. Local artisans take you through the entire pottery-making process and show you how and where they work.